Yoga Therapy


What is Yoga Therapy ?


Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well being through the application of the principles and practices of yoga.


During a session of yoga therapy, your yoga therapist, Karren, will listen to your history, including family history of illness, any predisposed conditions, diet and lifestyle.

Karren will then make observations of your current physical and physiological capacity, including pulse analysis, breath, flexibility, range of movement and strength. 

From these observations Karren will create a personalized therapeutic program adapted to your unique condition.

The program may include, but is not limited to, simple movements, breathing techniques, chanting and visualization, and oil application. The student is encouraged to practice at home at a time that is suitable to them.

It is suggested that the student commit to a minimum of three sessions, this will ensure optimal results.


Yoga therapy works on all levels, physical, physiological and psychological, and has the power to awaken your inner healing potential, allowing you to step onto the path of complete living.


An individual may consider a yoga therapy session if they have any condition that is creating dis ease in the body. Or if the idea of attending a group class is not appealing and would prefer a personalized program they can practice at home. 


Yoga Therapy can help with many conditions, it is a complimentary therapy used along side western medical treatments. Over time the individual may be able to reduce the need for medical intervention if a regular yoga therapy program is implemented.

Some conditions that yoga therapy can help with are listed below.


- Physical conditions including spinal disorders


- Digestive disorders


- Cardiovascular conditions 


- Respiratory disorders


- Fertility and reproductive system disorders


- Hormone imbalances


- Auto Immune disorders


- Cancer


- Mental Health conditions including anxiety and depression


- Chronic fatigue

- Insomnia


Required  3 sessions (this includes an hour and a half initial consultation, a take home personalised practice and two follow up sessions of an hour each)  $195

Follow up sessions (one hour) $80  in person

Follow up Skype/Zoom session (30-40 min) $40


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