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Yantra Yoga is a sub-branch of Jyotish, traditional Vedic astrology.
'Ankjyotisha' is the traditional name of Yantra Yoga, meaning the influence of numerical coding embedded in our mind.

Yantra is often known as geometric design or Mandala, but this only represents the outer layer of Yantra. Yantra can also be perceived as a life path spread out through time.

This ancient science of spiritual mathematics goes deeper to offer us a view into our own soul nature and our purpose for being here.

According to Samkhya philosophy, the theoretical aspect of Yoga, each of us is born into this life to fulfill a purpose, our dharmic mission. Yantra Yoga explores the nine frequencies (chakras) that accompany us from the moment we take our first breath, and continue to support us throughout our life. We each have a dominant energy that is set at the time of our birth, from there we can mathematically calculate the energetic path we are meant to follow.

Once we understand the qualities of these nine energies and how they influence us, we can more skillfully align ourselves to our purpose, and move more effortlessly through life.


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