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I first met Karren when she conducted some yoga classes at my workplace. I have had chronic back pain for over a year, in the mornings I could barely get dressed due to the pain and stiffness. After the group yoga classes I decided to book in for some private sessions with Karren. As a result of my private sessions with Karren my back is much improved. I have superior movement and am virtually pain free. As well as this, yoga has really enriched my life. It has had a big impact on my mindset. The program that Karren has designed for me, 20 minutes in the morning 10 minutes at night, leaves me feeling calm, composed, peaceful and relaxed. I also have more energy after the morning session and no longer need a coffee to start the day. I believe that I will continue with yoga lifelong. Karren is an amazing practitioner. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and has a great understanding of yoga. She has a warm, caring and friendly personality. I highly recommend Karren.

Fiona Ness

Health and Physical Education Faculty

Casuarina Senior College


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