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The idea behind Yoga Into Life is a simple one.
To introduce some aspect of yoga into your life.

Our lives are so busy these days, we are constantly on the go, our minds are busy, filled with to do lists, we multitask, and we rush around just trying to keep up.
Yoga allows us to step away from the chaos, and move inwards, closer to our true nature.
Yoga is a vast subject but it has simple principles which we can all follow.
The system of yoga consists of eight limbs or steps, this is according to Patanjalis Yoga Sutras. These steps are basically a guide on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life, teach us moral and ethical conduct, self discipline and direct our attention towards our health and spirituality.

The first limb, yamas, deals with ethical standards, integrity and focuses on our behavior and how we conduct ourselves in life.
The second limb, niyamas, has to do with self discipline and our own spiritual path.
The third limb, asana, are the physical postures practiced in yoga.
The fourth limb, pranayama, is all about the breath and prana, our life force.
The fifth limb, pratyahara, is sense withdrawal, where we draw our attention away from the external world and direct it inwards.
The sixth limb, dharana, is concentration, focusing our attention on a single object.
The seventh limb, dhyana, is meditation, the uninterrupted flow of concentration, it is a state where we are aware of the object without active focus.
The final stage, samadhi, is said to be the state of pure bliss, where we become one with the object or the totality.

Principle teacher Karren Perry weaves these ideas into her yoga teaching, giving the practice an intention and a purpose. With nearly two decades of exploring yoga, Karren has many of her own life experiences to draw upon.
"The more we practice yoga, the better we feel, we begin to notice that bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle choices and destructive behaviour no longer serve our higher good, and eventually these negative aspects simply begin to fall away. Yoga allows us to peel back the layers, to go deeper within and reveal what is underneath, our true self."
At Yoga Into Life Karren will meet the student where they are at, whether they are completely new to yoga or are already on the yoga path. Anyone can practice yoga regardless of age, fitness level or physical ability.
Group yoga classes or one to one sessions are available at Yoga into Life.
Now is the perfect time to begin your yoga journey.


Yoga Sutra 1.1

"atha yoganusasanam"

Now begins the instruction on the practice of Yoga

~ Patanjali ~



I first met Karren when she conducted some yoga classes at my workplace. I have had chronic back pain for over a year, in the mornings I could barely get dressed due to the pain and stiffness. After the group yoga classes I decided to book in for some private sessions with Karren. As a result of my private sessions with Karren my back is much improved. I have superior movement and am virtually pain free. As well as this, yoga has really enriched my life. It has had a big impact on my mindset. The program that Karren has designed for me, 20 minutes in the morning 10 minutes at night, leaves me feeling calm, composed, peaceful and relaxed. I also have more energy after the morning session and no longer need a coffee to start the day. I believe that I will continue with yoga lifelong. Karren is an amazing practitioner. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and has a great understanding of yoga. She has a warm, caring and friendly personality. I highly recommend Karren.

Fiona Ness

Health and Physical Education Faculty

Casuarina Senior College


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